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5 Reasons to Coat Your Basement Floor in the Winter

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Is it true that you can’t coat your basement floor in the winter? While it seems counterintuitive, winter actually offers the perfect opportunity to transform a basement’s flooring without worrying about heat and humidity. The floor coating might even add character to your basement while enhancing the floor’s durability.

In this post, our Revival Concrete Coatings experts highlight five great reasons to go ahead with a new floor coating project in the cold season.

#1 Low Temperatures Don’t Delay The Floor Project

Unless our professionals will be applying the coating to an exposed outdoor area, the cold doesn’t matter. Homeowners and businesses can install an indoor coating anytime. In fact, durable urethane coatings require a minimum temperature of 40° F for application.

We will need to keep the temperature in your basement warm enough for the coating to set properly, but there is still no reason to put off the project for cold weather. However, colder temperatures sometimes delay curing times by 24 hours before you can resume foot traffic. Why not chat with one of our Revival Concrete Coatings experts about the optimal curing time for your particular floor coating?

#2 Winter Offers the Same Quality Coating

Coating the floor of the basement in the winter provides the same level of quality on the flooring surface. The surface is still high quality, easy to maintain, and durable. The Revival Concrete Coatings options of Polyurea and Polyaspartic systems also offer the following benefits:

  • A UV-stable topcoat that prevents yellowing or fading
  • Customizable floors with a range of colors and flake patterns
  • Chemical resistance
  • Textured surfaces for improved traction
  • Impact and abrasion resistance

We also offer an unbeatable 15-year manufacturer warranty on chipping and peeling through Penntek.

#3 Winter Often Means Faster Installation of Basement Coatings

Floor coating contractors are busiest during the warmer months because most people assume they cannot schedule floor coating projects in colder climates. Take advantage of the off-peak season when installers have more openings in their schedule. If you schedule basement floor coating in the winter, your contractor will likely slot you in and finish that newly coated floor early.

Reputable floor coating companies may also offer special discounts to boost these off-peak sales. Ask us about our quick installation and why investing in basement coatings during winter is a win-win situation for our customers and us.

#4 Protect Your Floor Before The Summer Rains

Durability is the top consideration when choosing a floor coating for high-traffic areas. A high-quality polyurethane or polyaspartic coating adds a robust layer of protection. It also offers greater resistance to dirt and snow while making the floor easy to clean with a broom and mop.

At Revival Concrete Coatings, our quality floor coatings will protect your basement from mold and mildew, years of foot traffic, and spills. If you want the area to look as good as new many years from now, our experts are happy to advise you on floors that can withstand stains, oils, and chemicals. You might also want a non-slip texture to protect yourself against slip-and-fall accidents.

#5 Don’t Wait to Give Your Basement Floor a Facelift

Do you want to bring your basement’s old floor to life? You don’t need to wait to install that new basement coating if you’re stuck in winter weather. Winter presents the perfect opportunity to apply a new floor covering or coating in the basement.

The warmer months may bring about heavier foot traffic, so preparing the area in winter will minimize the wear and tear as the weather warms up. A new coating also comes in a wide range of options so that you can craft a look for the floor that meets your style and color preferences.

Does your floor need more than a coating? Is the foundation damaged? Contact Revival Concrete Coatings for some professional advice on making an informed decision.

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