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5 Reasons to Coat Your Basement

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As you make your list for 2021 house projects, there are many things to consider.
Do you have expensive structural projects? Or are your projects more cosmetic? Do you focus on the outside of your home and warm weather livability? Or do you invest in the indoor living spaces where most families in cooler climates, like Iowa, spend the bulk of their time in a year?

At Revival Concrete Coatings, we invite you to consider the affordable investment of a basement floor coating. Here are five reasons why a basement coating could enhance your living experience for years to come!


Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, families today make good use of this space. A plain cement floor over time looks dull and collects stains. And let’s face it, no matter how you care for carpet, after a few years of the family use it becomes discolored and worn down. But a Revival concrete floor coating, with its strong polyaspartic finish, can tolerate a lot of hard play or hard work. It resists staining and chipping and when the winter comes and you need a place to send the kids to play, you won’t mind sending them to play in the basement on your newly coated concrete floor.

Fast Installation

For the majority of basement floor coatings, we can complete the installation process in one day and you will be back to using your space in 24 hours. This means our experienced team grinds your floor, vacuums, lays the polyurea base coat, flakes the floor, and coats with a polyaspartic topcoat during the span of a day. This allows people to get back to full use of their space in no time at all.

Reduce Mold and Mildew

Below ground spaces can be damp. Whether they leak in heavy rains or the walls “sweat” in the humid summer heat, mold and mildew can get into dropped ceilings, sheet-rocked walls, insulation, and carpeting. With a Revival Concrete Floor, no need to worry about damp carpet and padding. Water leaks and sweat won’t harm it and mold and mildew won’t set in on your Revival basement coating as it has an antibacterial and antimicrobial finish.

Simplify Cleanup

A quick mop up with plain water and soap or one of the many antibacterial products on the market today will have your Revival basement coating sparkling like new. Between mopping, an easy sweep up or a vacuum cleaner will keep dust bunnies away. Imagine an easy-to-clean, durable basement floor that can take the rough and tumble play of kids or the heavy-duty work of home-improvement projects!


No matter what you use your basement for—work or play—your Revival Concrete Floor will enhance the beauty of your home. A dark, plain cement floor is uninspiring and sometimes looks just plain grungy. But when you open your basement door, turn on the light and see our refined and shining basement coating, you’ll have the satisfaction of a clean, well-maintained space.

A beautiful basement starts with a beautiful floor—A Revival Concrete Coatings floor!


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