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5 Step Pro Guide to Apply Colored Flake Floor

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Polyurea and polyaspartic flake flooring provide a durable and flexible alternative to traditional epoxy flooring. Even better, it is relatively easy to DIY cover concrete surfaces with flake flooring systems. So today, the team, at Revival Concrete Coatings is here with this five-step guide to apply a colored flake floor.

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Why Use Flake Floors?

Flake floors consist of a dense layer of acrylic flakes suspended between two layers of polyaspartic coating. Flak floors are a common concrete covering for basements, garages, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and loading docks.

Flake floors provide a number of benefits over plain concrete coatings.

  • The individual acrylic and epoxy flakes provide a few millimeters of extra thickness and extra cushioning, increasing the durability of the coated surface.
  • Flake floors are great for decorative purposes because they come in a wide range of custom colors and designs.
  • The flakes also provide UV protection in conjunction with a polyaspartic topcoat. Flake floors won’t become discolored from direct sunlight exposure.

1. Prep the Concrete

The first step of any colored flake floor coating project is to prepare the surface to bond with the resin. You need to remove all dirt and grind the top surface to a roughness between 60 and 80. Surface friction from slightly rough concrete makes the resin adhere harder. Dust can impede the bonding process, so vacuum the floor to remove all debris.

You also need to fill and repair cracks and chips that make the surface uneven. Fill the cracks with flooring material and smooth over the top to create a seamless fill. If you find cracks between the joints, fill them with backer rods to plug the holes.

2. Apply a Base Coat

Once the concrete is ready, you can apply the first resin coating. The point of the priming layer is to create an airtight seal and a surface to adhere to the flakes. To prepare the coating, mix the bonding agent with the resin at room temperature. Immediately apply the coating as soon as the resin is mixed.

Using a notched squeegee, spread the first resin coat until it forms a smooth layer. Don’t put too much pressure while spreading, or it could create uneven divots on the bottom surface. A single gallon of polyaspartic resin should cover about 175 square feet.

3. Spread the Flakes

Once you finish applying the first coat, it’s time to broadcast the flakes. Put the flakes in a bucket and evenly spread handfuls across the flooring. Make sure that you don’t concentrate too many flakes in the same area. You shouldn’t throw them straight down, either.

Toss the flakes until you have covered every shiny spot on the floor with an even layer of flakes. Make sure to use only spiked sandals to walk on the floor to avoid leaving footprints in the resin. Depending on your level of coverage, the floor should be completely covered when you run out of flakes.

4. Smooth the Floor

Before you can apply the last coat, you will need to smooth out any protruding flakes. Drag a painter’s knife or floor scraper across the floor to knock down any flakes still sticking up. If there are too many flakes on the floor, gently brush the excess off to one side and use a vacuum on a low cushion setting to remove them.

After smoothing the floor, make one last pass over the surface with a vacuum to catch any loose flakes. By this time, the first resin layer should be dry, so you won’t have to use spiked sandals to move around.

5. Apply Topcoat

Once the flakes are smooth and even, prepare a new coat of resin and apply it in long strips. Using the same techniques as step two, spread the topcoat using a squeegee and finish applying with a roller.

Use only one topcoat if you want the flakes to show prominently through the top layer. Otherwise, apply a second coat after about an hour. When applying the new resin, walk on the colored flake floor only with spiked sandals.

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