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At Revival Concrete Coatings, we see many failed DIY and professionally installed epoxy coatings.

That’s because epoxy floors are a maintenance coating and not a lasting solution. Epoxy coatings harden and turn brittle in just two years leaving you with cracks, chipping, and peeling that become tripping hazards and eyesores.

Revival Concrete Coatings’ polyurea floor coatings are durable, and adhere to your concrete. Our system is also resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and wear. And with a 15-year warranty, you can feel confident that our polyurea concrete coating system is built to last. If you’ve tried epoxy coatings and have had the same old adverse results, we can revive your failed epoxy floor!

Don’t Be Fooled by Epoxy Companies

Epoxy coatings are marketed as durable and vibrant, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Epoxy coatings are extremely brittle and don’t bind with concrete, but simply lay on top of it. This makes epoxy floors prone to chipping and peeling. Epoxy floor colors also have a track record of fading drastically over time. Lastly, epoxy coatings are susceptible to blisters and bubbles, which make your floor coating unsightly and weaker over the long haul.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

Polyurea coatings are gorgeous, impact-resistant and waterproof. Unlike epoxy, polyurea coatings are flexible, enabling them to withstand both extreme hot and cold temperatures without cracking or peeling. Our polyurea blend binds directly to the concrete making it so strong that it comes with a 15 year warranty. Also you don’t have to worry about your polyurea coating’s color fading, even if it’s exposed to direct sunlight. The last thing we want to call out is that polyurea coatings cure fast, taking only a day for the process to finish.

Comparison of Epoxy vs Revival Concrete Coatings


  • One week drying time, 3 days to install

  • Known to peel, chip, and crack with in a few years

  • Typically no warranty provided

  • Subject to irreversible stains and markings

  • Known to fade quickly

  • More prone to salt and top tire pickup damage

  • A maintenance solution and not a long-term fix

  • High VOCs


  • Fully cures in 24 hours, installed in ONE day
  • 4x more durable than epoxy coatings
  • Comes with a 15-year warranty
  • Are gasoline, oil, chlorine, and rust-resistant
  • Lifetime UV warranty
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Low VOCs

    With 12 full flake color options to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect concrete coating color to match the look and feel of your space!


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