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Can Concrete Coatings Improve The Look Of Your Garage

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If you’re considering making your garage surface free from stains, cracks, and damage, it’s time to improve the look of your garage through floor coating. Choosing the right type of floor coating needs time and effort – and is quite important too. The reason is that not all garage floor coatings are made equal. If you’re on the hunt to choose the best garage floor coating that will transform the look of your space, all you need to do is choose polyaspartic and polyurea floor systems.

Remember, garage floors are more prone to regular wear and tear. The heavy foot traffic, harsh weather, car traffic, and other heavy utilities can make the whole floor unattractive and unbearable. This is where it is quite important to choose a robust and attractive floor coating solution like polyaspartic and polyurea systems. Let’s explain a few reasons that make polyaspartic and polyurea a better choice as compared to epoxy.

Can Withstand Heavy Traffic

One of the best things about polyaspartic and polyurea floor coating is that it is capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic as well as can withstand extreme pressure. Furthermore, top-quality floor coating will help you to make your flooring durable and powerful. Aside from the normal reasons, the polyurea floor coating is UV stable, waterproof, and contains zero harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Unlike epoxy flooring, polyurea floor coating offers high resistance to moisture and chemicals. Thus, it makes the floor coating one of the best options for the buyer.

Outstanding Look & Design

If your goal is to get a crystal clear floor that is tough and robust, all you need to do is pick a polyaspartic and polyurea floor system as your choice. Moreover, its exclusive properties, like anti-skid and anti-wear, act as protection for your garage floor as well as give you a smooth surface as an end result. Due to its smooth nature, the polyurea floor is easy to clean and maintain. As there are no cracks or crevices present in the flooring, you can rest assured that your place is free from insects.

Add Safety To Your Garage

Unlike epoxy flooring, polyurea floor coating is a great way to add safety to your garage flooring. The reason is its non-slip nature, which diminishes the chances of slipping even on the wet flooring. Moreover, the floor coating is highly resistant to heat. This is why polyaspartic and polyurea floor coatings are capable of withstanding harsh temperature and pressure. Last but not least, polyurea floor coating does not emit VOC as epoxy. Thus, you can rest assured that polyaspartic and polyurea floor coating will keep your health and safety at the top.

Robust & Fast Curing

Next, polyaspartic and polyurea floor coating will save you time as it can cure at a much faster pace. After completing the installation process, the polyurea floor will harden within 1-2 hours. The next step is that this kind of flooring takes just one day to be ready for use. Unlike epoxy, it won’t take 3-5 days to harden and then 6-8 days to be ready for use. So feel free to get your hands on polyaspartic and polyurea floor coating rather than epoxy.

Final Words

Now that you’ve got the idea that polyaspartic and polyurea floor coating is way more effective than epoxy, it’s time to hire the experts to install the floor coating adequately. If you’re looking for a professional team who can complete the job correctly, feel free to contact Revival Concrete Coatings. We offer 15 years of warranty after installing polyaspartic and polyurea floor coating. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your garage flooring. We would love to serve you with unrivaled and unmatchable service.


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