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Commercial Flooring for Veterinary Clinics: A Guide to Durability and Safety

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Flooring for your veterinary clinic should be carefully considered, as your facility has unique requirements. First and foremost, veterinary clinics need to prioritize a clean, sanitary floor. It’s also important that the floor is easy to clean because messes are inevitable and frequent in vet clinics!

In addition to these necessities, you want your floor to look nice while being able to resist scratches from paws and claws. Commercial floor coatings are non-negotiable for veterinary clinics. A durable commercial floor coating, such as polyurea, is the best option to check every box that you need.

What is a Commercial Coating?

Polyurea coating is a resinous compound that is applied on top of existing concrete floors. The installation process begins with grinding the concrete and making any necessary repairs. Then a resin and hardener are mixed and coated on the floor.

This solution cures in just one day resulting in a beautiful, durable coat. Polyurea comes in a wide variety of colors, and flecks can be added to complete the look. While they look great, commercial coatings are formulated to be durable and create a safer, cleaner environment.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Coatings for Vet Clinics

Improved Cleanliness

A commercial floor coating provides a more sanitary surface than other flooring types. Due to the nature of veterinary work, it’s safe to assume that animals’ bodily fluids and other spills frequently come in contact with your floors. With a commercial floor coating, germs and bacteria cannot soak into the floor like they would into untreated concrete.

Commercial coatings are formulated with antimicrobial properties which prevent the growth of pathogens. A commercial coating is your best defense against odors and stains. Spills are easy to clean. The only thing you need is a mop, hot water, and mild detergent.

Increased Durability

Veterinary clinics have a lot of guests coming and going throughout the day. Your floor needs to be able to handle constant traffic from feet and paws. Polyurea coatings are known to be long-lasting. Though the finished look is shiny and smooth, the compound is actually flexible. This flexibility allows it to resist scratches from untrimmed paws, metal equipment, or medical machinery.

Anti-Slip Properties

Though their smooth, elegant finish might appear slippery, polyurea floor coatings are actually slip-resistant. This is a huge benefit for a vet clinic or any other commercial space, that needs to meet safety standards. The vinyl chips in the coat create texture that increases traction. With frequent cleaning and mopping, your employees and guests are at a smaller risk of falling.

Easy Maintenance

Perhaps the biggest benefit of commercial floor coatings is their ease of maintenance. Other floor coatings require costly and time-consuming recoating, waxing, or refinishing. This is not the case with polyurea coating which has great longevity.

Once installed, polyurea cures in one day, so you can get back to business as usual quickly. Then your floor will look great for many years to come! Maintenance is as simple as daily sweeping, promptly cleaning spills, and mopping as needed.

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Revival Concrete Coatings is a five-star, family-owned business headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. We use the most technologically advanced, highest quality commercial coating products. Other companies or DIY methods use epoxy coatings, but our polyurea coating is 4 times stronger.

The caliber of our products and our expert team of installers allows us to provide customers with a 15-year warranty. Our primary goals are to provide you with the best service and an amazing flooring solution.

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