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Effects of Winter on Your Outdoor Concrete Floors in Des Moines, IA

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At Revival Concrete Coatings, our technicians receive hundreds of questions from business owners and residents about the effects of the winter chill on their outdoor concrete floors every year.

Many want to know about the best garage floor coatings and driveway protectants they can use to shield their structural investments from the stains from the melting snow and dirt from their car tires. Some wonder why their epoxy garage floor covering fails sooner than a year after application.

We use only polyurea and polyaspartic coatings because they last decades with little to no maintenance. We cover thousands of square feet of sidewalks, basement floors, and patios with them, helping homeowners and property managers preserve their property values by preventing mold growth and improving their curb appeal.

If you have spotted cracks in your outdoor floors even after applying concrete patio coatings last season, contact our technicians at Revival Concrete Coatings. We will provide you with more durable and long-lasting solutions, which we describe below.

Why Is Winter Structurally Challenging for Outdoor Concrete Floors?

For Residential Concrete Floors

Local contractors from Des Moines offer concrete pool deck resurfacing and patio floor coatings to help residents prepare for blizzards, hail storms, and torrential rains. As a porous substance, bare concrete features billions of tiny holes that moisture can penetrate, soften, and destroy. Without a high-quality chemical protectant, outdoor concrete floors will crack, discolor, and look poorly maintained after only a few seasons.

Most of our residential customers want to preserve their exterior curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the technical term realtors use to describe how good a home looks from the sidewalk. According to data from the Remodeling Impact Report, 99% of the National Association of Realtors believe that landscape maintenance is essential when preserving the real estate value of a residential property, and a large part of it requires keeping driveways, stoops, and pool decks free from damage.

Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings prevent porous concrete structures from becoming dry and brittle during the winter. They help ensure that residents who want to sell their homes get more clicks on their online postings and more visitors to their open houses. Concrete patio resurfacing and basement floor coatings will also keep your home more presentable, charming more guests and friends to visit.

For Commercial Concrete Floors

We cover thousands of square feet with polyurea and polyaspartic coatings for commercial customers who want their loading bays, fleet parking areas, and drive-throughs free from stains and cracks during the winter. Employee safety and customer satisfaction become essential factors that can make or break their balance sheets. Damaged and poorly maintained outdoor concrete floors can lead to operational downtime, equipment damage, and physical injuries.

How Freezing Temperatures Damage Your Outdoor Concrete Floors

If you drive through any part of Des Moines on a winter day, you will always find blackened concrete floors, cracked plaster on buildings, and sidewalks that sometimes become unpassable because of the condition of the cement. We serve many residents who use salt to de-ice their front lawns and exterior surfaces, but they only activate the freeze-thaw cycle.

When salt melts snow and ice, it attracts more vapor and liquids that will saturate the concrete even more. After a few days, this water will freeze and turn solid, resulting in scaling, hairline cracks, and adhesive corrosion. At Revival Concrete Coatings, we classify winter damage to outdoor concrete floors into three general categories.

Concrete Scaling

Concrete exposed to repeated thaw-melt cycles will start to scale because of the lack of aeration. Light scaling begins when you notice small localized patches of the top layer of your floor flaking and peeling. Moderate scaling does not usually result in structural damage, but heavy scaling will expose the aggregate to weather effects and lead to more costly repairs.

Concrete Spalling

Spalling remains the most prevalent form of damage from weathering in parking structures, bridges, and buildings. It happens when cracks form on top of the concrete that extend to the reinforcing steel, exposing it to rust and corrosion.


When water dries as temperatures rise, an unprotected concrete slab will shrink and start to crack. Contact a contractor immediately if you notice cracks on your walls, beams, and floors.

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