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How is polyurea better than epoxy? 

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Are you thinking of ways to enhance the look and function of your garage? If so, you may want to consider investing in a garage coating. Garage coatings can improve the appearance of your garage while also making it more functional and durable. When looking for the best floor coating for your garage, polyurea and epoxy coatings are some of the top choices you should consider. However, polyurea is the best option among the two. Read on to know why!

How is polyurea better than epoxy? 

Having a durable coating for your garage can give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run. While polyurea and epoxy are long-lasting coatings that protect against various things, here are a few distinct advantages that polyurea has.

Abrasion resistance 

Polyurea coatings resist abrasion, which means they can protect against scuffs and scrapes from vehicles and other rough objects in your garage. As a result, you won’t need to worry about damaging your floor coating when dragging items across. Because of its hardness and durability, polyurea is an effective floor coating for high-traffic areas.

Weather resistance 

Polyurea coatings are weather resistant and can protect against the effects of ultraviolet light from the sun. They also provide a shield against moisture in both hot and cold climates. You won’t have to worry about your garage coating breaking down or becoming damaged during extreme temperatures.


Because polyurea floor coatings are non-slip, they can prevent accidents and injuries, a bonus if you have children or pets. The coatings stand up well to oil and other types of stains, so they can be ideal for garages that house vehicles.

Rust and corrosion resistance 

Polyurea coatings are resistant to rust and corrosion because they contain fluorine, which is beneficial since garages tend to be damp. This is especially important for those living in humid conditions, such as near the ocean or a huge river, where dampness is inevitable. Polyurea coatings help to protect your garage floors from corrosion or rust.

UV resistance

Polyurea floor coatings also offer UV resistance, which prevents discoloration due to exposure to sunlight. Most garage coatings will fade after some time, but with polyurea, you won’t have to worry about your colors changing due to the sun’s rays. In addition, its UV resistance allows the coatings to last for longer, which saves you money in the long run.


Since polyurea is more durable than epoxy, it can save you money as it doesn’t require as much maintenance over time. As such, you won’t need to worry about waxing or resurfacing your garage floor coating, which means you don’t have to re-invest every few years. This adds up over the lifetime of your garage flooring, so that it can be a cost-effective decision in the long term.

Insensitivity to the “nocebo effect” 

Another benefit of polyurea coatings is that they aren’t as sensitive to the “nocebo effect” as epoxy coatings are. The “nocebo effect” is basically when the coatings’ protective qualities aren’t as good as you thought they would be. As such, if you want the ideal floor coating, polyurea offers better durability than epoxy options do.

How are polyurea coatings worthwhile investments? 

While it might seem like an expensive way to upgrade your garage, investing in a high-quality garage coating can save you money in the long run by protecting your floors. Since polyurea is more durable than epoxy, it provides better performance and brings the best value for your investment. This is mainly because you won’t need to make as many repairs down the line. Polyurea Coatings also come with a 15-year warranty and a lifetime UV warranty.

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