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Pool Deck Coatings: How Often Should You Resurface Your Pool Deck?

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Almost everyone enjoys a good swim every now and again, which is especially true for homeowners with their own swimming pools in their backyards.

Owning your own pool is truly a luxury, and part of having one is taking care of it and maintaining it. The same is true for your pool deck.

After all, what makes a pool exceptionally lovely isn’t the water itself but the area surrounding the water. So that’s why it is so important to maintain your pool deck, and have it resurfaced when it needs it?

But how often should you have your pool deck resurfaced? Generally speaking, your pool deck should get resurfaced every 10-15 years. However, there are some factors that may shift that number higher or lower.

In this article, we will be looking at those factors so you can decide if your pool deck needs resurfacing anytime soon.

How Often Should You Resurface Your Pool Deck?

Here are some of those factors that will determine how long your pool deck will last until it needs to get resurfaced.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is a huge factor that will determine the longevity of your pool deck. For example, pool decks that experience a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis will need to get resurfaced much sooner than a pool deck that gets barely touched.


The area, region, or part of the country your home’s located in will play a significant role in your pool deck’s longevity. Iowa homeowners experience more snow and icy conditions than a home in Arizona. However, Iowa homeowners also experience fewer hurricanes than homeowners in Florida.

Product Material

While there are a whole lot of different deck materials and products to choose from, the majority of these are some types of textured concrete. Generally, speaking textured concrete is your best bet for longevity.


The regular weather patterns your home experiences also play a massive role in the longevity of your deck material. While weather patterns typically stay similar in most regions of Iowa, homes near rivers, lakes, or dams may experience lesser longevity due to higher levels of humidity in the air.

The Expertise of Your Installer

Lastly, and most importantly, the experience of your installer will play a vital role in the lifespan of your pool deck. Sure, weather, material, area, and foot traffic will play a huge role in your pool deck’s lifespan. But if your installer does a poor job, it will need to get replaced much sooner than most to all those other variables.

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