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Is Stain or Paint Better for Pool Deck

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Most Des Moines, IA, residents want their pool decks to look their best and increase their homes’ visual appeal. Painting or staining a pool deck is a fantastic way to enhance its allure without spending a small fortune. However, deciding between pool deck staining and painting isn’t always easy.

Revival Concrete Coatings developed a short guide to help you figure out if pool deck staining or painting works best for your home.

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Pool Deck Staining or Painting: Which Is Best?

Painting or staining a pool deck can take any property to new heights. Both treatments enhance a pool deck’s allure and allow you to make the environment your own. However, painting and staining carry different strengths and weaknesses, making it difficult to decide between the two finishes.

But the question remains: is pool deck staining or painting right for your property?

Pool Deck Painting

Pool deck paint allows you to explore your creative side and create a unique poolside lounge that matches your taste and personality. Paint comes in numerous colors and covers up unsightly stains and blemishes better than most other treatments. You can create custom designs to give your pool a distinct look that enables it to stand out in the best way possible.

Painting a pool deck is less strenuous than concrete staining and usually doesn’t require professional assistance. You can paint the pool deck yourself, making it a more affordable option for homeowners.

However, paint is exceedingly thin and often separates from concrete over time, especially in moist areas like a pool deck. The excess moisture causes the paint to peel, flake, and bubble, requiring you to retreat the region to maintain its appearance. However, if you have a wooden pool deck or don’t mind repainting the concrete surface every few years, you may want to consider painting your pool deck.

Pool Deck Staining

Concrete stains provide a protective finish that elevates your pool deck’s appearance while helping it maintain its integrity. Although pool deck staining isn’t as versatile as paint, it provides a unique look that matches nearly any property’s style.

Pool deck stains come in two primary variations:

  • Acid stains
  • Water-based stains

Acid Stains

Acid stains generate distinctive patterns and shades that make concrete pool decks resemble leather, stone, or marble. Once it dries, the concrete develops an alluring semi-translucent tint rather than an opaque tone like most paint. Acid staining provides long-lasting results that won’t flake, peel or fade over time.

However, acid staining doesn’t provide the same results on every concrete surface. The effects often vary from slab to slab, making it difficult to determine the results before application. Also, you must treat concrete pool decks before applying the acid stain for optimal results.

Water-Based Stains

Water-based stains provide more consistent results than acid stains and typically take less time to apply. They provide a more neutral look and won’t fade, flake, or peel over time. Like acid stains, water-based stains offer long-lasting results and can help your pool reach its full visual potential.

Water based-stains also don’t require concrete prep like acid stains, making them easy to apply and ideal for busy homeowners.

Acid stains and water-based stains carry the same disadvantages and often require professional installation. It’s best to contact a professional to apply concrete stains to ensure the process goes smoothly and provides exceptional results. However, hiring a professional concrete staining company makes staining the more expensive option.

Many Des Moines residents prefer staining and believe the results are worth the extra expenses.

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