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Revival Concrete Coatings: The Ultimate Solution for Durable and Safe Kennel Floors

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If you run a commercial dog kennel, you understand the challenge of maintaining a hygienic environment for dozens of dogs and winning their owners’ confidence. It can be challenging to achieve this with traditional concrete floors. That’s where commercial coatings for kennel floors come in.

While concrete is a critical part of virtually every structure, it’s prone to problems like moisture, mold growth, and bacteria buildup. For a commercial dog kennel, you need professional-looking flooring that can effectively resist damage and allow for easy cleanup of messes.

The flooring should be resilient enough to withstand years of abuse, including heavy foot traffic, abrasive chemicals, and lacerations from claws.

With high-performance polyurea and polyaspartic flooring systems from Revival Concrete Coatings, there’s no need to subject your furry friends to boring, unsightly, and bacteria-laden concrete flooring. Keep reading to learn more about upgrading your kennel floor with high-quality coatings from Revival Concrete Coatings.

Five Reasons You Should Invest in Commercial Coatings for Kennel Floors

From improving aesthetic appeal to reducing bacteria growth, commercial coatings can significantly transform your kennel floor and ensure a healthy environment for your animals. Let’s explore some of the notable benefits of commercial coatings for kennel floors:

Durable Finish That Doesn’t Fade Over Time

Durability tops the list of factors to consider when choosing the right material for your kennel floor, thanks to its exposure to abrasions. Any facility that handles cats, dogs, and other pets needs a floor that can bear excessive wear and tear.

Polyurea and polyaspartic coating systems are highly durable and proven to resist peeling, chipping, scratching, and stains. As such, they can withstand even the sharpest animal claws.

Since these durable floor coatings are moisture, oil, and chemical resistant, you won’t worry about your floor getting discolored over time due to spillages and animal waste.

Colorful and Animal-Friendly Finishes

Every pet owner wants to leave their fur baby in a comfortable and friendly environment. Installing a high-quality floor coating can help you create the impression that your kennel is friendly and welcoming.

While polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings are highly functional, they can also deliver a beautiful finish. These flooring systems are available in a wide variety of color options, which you can customize to your needs and preferences.

You can combine various colors to create playful designs or add helpful directional signs. Keep in mind that dogs perceive colors differently than humans, and you don’t want to use colors that may compromise the animals’ emotional well-being.

Calming shades like blue and green are the most ideal for kennels, whereas white can be stressful for dogs.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Traditional concrete floor is porous and can soak up spillages and dog urine, leading to permanent unpleasant odors. This also creates a conducive environment for germs and bacteria growth, exposing the animals to diseases.

Applying a high-quality coating to your concrete floor creates a waterproof layer, preventing fluids from soaking into the floor. Moreover, you can easily clean the coating with a mop, maintaining a hygienic environment.

Easy Installation with Minimal Disruption

Are you worried about the time it takes to install commercial coatings for kennel floors and whether it will disrupt your daily activities? That should be the least of your worries.

In less than two days, you can expect your business to be back up and running with brand-new, beautiful flooring in your dog kennel. One of the biggest advantages of polyurea and polyaspartic systems over other flooring options is that they’re exceptionally quick and easy to install.

For example, the expert team at Revival Concrete Coatings can ensure you have new flooring and that your commercial kennel is fully operational again in only 24 hours. An installation time that extends beyond a day usually includes an extensive preparation process or a space larger than 2,000 square feet.

It’s worth noting that polyaspartic coatings formulation includes a low VOC solvent system that promotes shorter dry times between coats and special curing agents that accelerate the process. These components allow the coating material to cure in a few hours, translating to quick installation and fast dry times.

However, the fast cure time leaves no room for error and requires several professional installers to complete the project properly. Don’t try to install polyurea or polyaspartic coatings yourself; leaving the installation process to the experts is best to ensure long-term results.

Why Choose Revival Concrete Coatings?

Revival Concrete Coatings is a five-star, family-owned and operated business committed to providing robust, high-performing commercial coatings for kennel floors in West Des Moines, Iowa. We aim to help you create a hygienic and professional-looking commercial dog kennel.

We utilize the most technologically advanced, top-quality commercial floor coating products. We specialize in polyurea and polyaspartic systems from Penntek Coatings, the country’s leading manufacturer of concrete floor coatings.

Our polyurea coating is 4x stronger than traditional epoxy flooring, and we provide a 15-year warranty on peeling and chipping. We also offer a lifetime warranty on UV stability, so you can rest assured you’ll enjoy beautiful, clean floors for many years.

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