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Do you seek an effective strategy for improving your garage flooring? Look no further; garage floor coatings remain an incredibly effective, affordable way to improve concrete surfaces’ durability, longevity, and appearance. Concrete coating professionals can fully install protective coatings in less than one day.

The durable, plastic-like film of concrete coatings adds over 3 millimeters of protection to your garage flooring. Well-protected garages resist stains, repel moisture, and exceed expected lifespans. Concrete coating professionals can preserve and protect garage floors for over 60 years at a fraction of the cost of concrete repairs and replacements.

Learn more about the benefits of garage coatings by contacting Polk County’s concrete coating professionals at Revival Concrete Coatings. We offer warranties and low-cost maintenance services to maintain the shimmering appearance of coated garage floors. You may not recognize your garage flooring after our concrete coating professionals perform their high-quality services!

How to Choose Premium Garage Floor Coatings

Homeowners have many concrete coatings to choose from, but polyurea coatings remain the preferred choice among Des Moines residents. Advanced polyurea coatings consist of hardeners and resins that combine to create an impermeable layer over garage floors. Mixing polyurea formulations properly requires years of training and experience.

Concrete coating companies use advanced techniques and equipment to prepare and clean your garage flooring. Hygrometers calculate concrete substrates’ moisture levels, while diamond grinders remove unsightly cracks and holes from concrete flooring. Concrete coating professionals also offer helpful advice for limiting moisture in your garage and extending the lifespan of your paver surfaces.

Consider the following tips when shopping for an epoxy garage floor in West Des Moines: 

Weather Resistance

Weather damage remains the primary cause of garage floor damage in Polk County. Heavy snowfall, freezing rain, and hail expose garage flooring to excessive moisture. Porous concrete surfaces absorb moisture and begin the dreaded freeze-thaw cycle. Water embedded within concrete slabs melts, freezes, and breaks down concrete’s polymers, granules, and aggregates.

Superior polyurea garage floor coatings protect concrete from freeze-thaw cycles, freezing temperatures, blustering winds, and much more. Consider adding polyaspartic coatings as a topcoat to protect your garage flooring from UV rays. Whether snow and ice have cracked your garage floor or high humidity has left behind water spots and stains, concrete coating professionals can help.

Mold Growth

Water-damaged concrete inevitably invites mold, mildew, and algae growth to your garage flooring. Hazardous black mold growing within cracked concrete and floor tiles reduces the air quality of your garage and may cause difficulty breathing, fatigue, and dizziness. Thankfully, polyurea coatings create unsuitable environments for mold growth in your garage.

Polyurea consists of naturally-occurring antimicrobial properties that help keep your garage flooring clean, sealed, and protected from mold. Mold-free garages increase the resale value of homes and protect homeowners from harmful airborne pollutants. Say goodbye to bothersome mold and mildew growth by bolstering your garage floors with polyurea garage floor coatings.

Aesthetic Value

Polyurea coatings do much more than protect your garage flooring from damage. Polyurea’s luxurious high gloss finish transforms dull garage floors into breathtaking works of art. Experts can add colorful vinyl flakes, metallic additives, and quartz to polyurea coatings to further enhance the appearance of your garage.

Iowa homeowners can expect a 5% increase in property value by installing polyurea coatings. Potential homebuyers seek low-maintenance garages coated with higher-quality polyurea. Consider coating all your paver walkways, driveways, pool decks, and patios with polyurea to greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your residential property.

Top-Rated Polyurea Garage Floor Coatings

Polyurea coatings have surpassed epoxies as the preferred garage floor coating. Zero volatile organic compounds, fast-curing times, and easy installation make polyurea coatings essential for Polk County residents. Polyurea base coats paired with polyaspartic topcoats protect concrete floors from damage, abrasions, chemical spills, fires, standing water, and much more.

Polyurea coatings require very little maintenance and cleaning. A cleaning schedule that includes weekly dry mopping and low-pH floor cleaners remains enough to maintain the beauty and integrity of your new garage floor coating. Concrete sealers alleviate the stress of constantly repairing, cleaning and replacing damaged portions of your garage flooring.

Many restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools, and airports use polyurea coatings to impress customers, protect concrete from frequent foot traffic, and create brighter indoor spaces. Thanks to technological innovations and improved installation methods, Iowa homeowners can enjoy high-quality polyurea coatings at an affordable price.

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Our experts undergo extensive training at Revival Concrete Coatings to provide exceptional concrete coating services. Our project managers and team leaders oversee every aspect of your project to ensure high-quality results. We offer countless color choices, designs, and styles to match your exact preferences.

As a local business in Des Moines, we appreciate the opportunity to transform homeowners’ garages in our local community. We always put the needs of our clients first and never charge hidden fees or recommend unnecessary products. When you choose Revival Concrete Coatings, you choose quality.

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