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Revival Concrete Coatings proudly offers commercial coating services for concrete surfaces. Business and commercial property owners can significantly improve the function and appearance of their concrete floors by exploring the benefits of polyurea and polyaspartic coatings. Many car showrooms, luxury hotels, and restaurants use polyurea coatings to attract clients, showcase their premium goods, and create safe work environments for employees.

Commercial coating professionals transform dull concrete surfaces into stunning features in less than one day. The durable, plastic-like film of concrete coatings makes businesses feel safer, cleaner, and more unique. Consider adding vinyl flakes or metallic additives to polyurea coatings for an added flair of color and style.

Polk County business owners may think coating systems are too expensive; however, recent technological advancements have drastically reduced the price of coating commercial floors. Coating concrete remains one of the least costly strategies for improving commercial businesses’ curb appeal and value. Learn more about recent price reductions by exploring commercial coatings in West Des Moines, IA, from the professionals at Revival Concrete Coatings!

How to Choose the Best Concrete Coating

Business owners have countless options for improving their retail stores, gyms, barbershops, or restaurants’ brand awareness and reputation. Thankfully,  concrete coatings require little maintenance and only one day of interrupted business operations. Advanced polyurea coatings remain the preferred choice among Polk County business owners.

Before the invention of polyurea, commercial operations had to use epoxy for their concrete driveways, walkways, garages, and flooring. Epoxy’s impressive durability was often at the expense of high levels of volatile organic compounds. Innovative polyurea coatings contain no VOCs and surpass epoxy’s durability, longevity, and antimicrobial properties.

Polyurea coatings can last over 60 years with proper cleaning and maintenance, protecting commercial concrete from countless sources of damage. Well-protected concrete floors exceed expected lifespans and never fail to impress potential clients. Consider the following tips for securing superior commercial coatings in West Des Moines:

Moisture Protection

Exposed concrete floors absorb moisture from rainfall, melting snow, humid air, and condensation. Water embeds deep within porous concrete surfaces and puts tremendous pressure on concrete slabs. Signs of a moisture-damaged concrete surface include cracking, spalling, potholes, discoloration, and chipping.

Innovative polyurea coatings repel moisture, protecting business owners’ concrete floors from damage. Resins and hardeners in polyurea coatings create a durable layer that adds over 3 millimeters of protection to concrete floors. Excessive moisture cannot penetrate polyurea coatings, preventing water damage and keeping mold and mildew from growing and spreading.

UV Protection

UV rays damage concrete surfaces much like they cause sunburns. Harsh UV radiation breaks down commercial concrete floors’ polymers and leaves behind unsightly yellow stains. Garage floor coating experts can add UV-resistant polyaspartic topcoats to protect commercial floors from the blistering heat and UV radiation.

UV ray stains prove incredibly difficult to remove, usually requiring costly concrete cleaning, repair, and replacement services. Replacing an entire concrete floor requires weeks of work and disrupts business operations. Business owners can avoid unforeseen expenses by installing UV-resistant polyurea coatings.

Mold Control

Mold growth accumulates quickly in commercial kitchens, humid gyms, and busy hair salons. Toxic mold spores thrive in damp concrete cracks and can reduce the indoor air quality of businesses. Mold feeds on the granules and aggregates of concrete and weakens the structural integrity of commercial concrete floors.

The antimicrobial properties of polyurea coatings create unsuitable environments for mold growth. Business owners can completely eliminate mold, algae, and mildew from their flooring by installing effective, affordable polyurea coatings. Speak to local commercial coating professionals to learn more about the strategies for eradicating mold from businesses.

The Unmatched Durability of Polyurea Coatings

Many construction companies use polyurea coatings to protect their bulldozers and heavy machinery from damage, abrasions, and harsh UV radiation. Professionally-installed commercial coatings protect commercial flooring from scratches, pooling water, heavy foot traffic, hot car tires, and much more. Those seeking long-lasting solutions for their concrete floors can trust polyurea coatings’ durability, longevity, and effectiveness.

Low-quality, store-bought epoxies, and liquid rubbers may seem like an easy solution for repairing commercial flooring. However, inexpensive sealants typically last one year and provide virtually no protection against weather damage, foot traffic, or UV radiation. DIY epoxies require frequent maintenance and fail to match the appearance of professionally-installed polyurea coatings.

Polyurea coatings only require weekly dry mopping to retain their stunning appearance. Business owners can expect long-term results from commercial polyurea coatings. Beautiful floors can brighten any business and create comfortable environments for employees and customers.

Why Choose Revival Concrete Coatings?

Revival Concrete Coatings has provided top-tier commercial coating services in Polk County for many years. Their licensed and insured team offers a wide range of services to restore and renew commercial flooring. Revival Concrete Coating’s products and services remain backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty and a limited lifetime warranty.

Revival Concrete Coating’s tested six-step process ensures strong adhesion between coatings and concrete surfaces. Their experts utilize advanced equipment and techniques to evaluate moisture-damaged concrete, fill cracks and potholes, and apply fast-curing polyurea coatings. High-quality commercial coatings can help businesses stand apart from the competition.

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