15 Year Warranty on Our Floors!

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What Is Covered Under The Penntek Warranty?

Chipping, peeling and yellowing due to product failure.

What Things Are Not Covered Under The Penntek Warranty?

Failure of the coating due to substrate failure. Examples include but are not limited to:
Concrete slab shifts due to the freeze thaw cycles in Iowa, or settling causing the coating to crack.
Disintegrating concrete or shale pops.

Floor damage caused by abuse, neglect, non-ordinary wear and tear, or failure to maintain the floor properly. The coating is stain resistant, not stain proof. Some substances that come in contact with the floor without cleanup, can impact the coating. Examples include but are not limited to:
A motorcycle kickstand is put down without a pad, causing a gouge or chip in the coating.
A sharp or heavy object is dropped on the floor or drug across the floor causing a chip.
Battery acid or other car chemical is spilled on the floor, not cleaned up, and eats through the coating.
Yellowing of the coating due to the use of tire shine products on your tires.
We do not warrant the exact slip resistant level of our flooring system.
We incorporate a slip resistance grit into the top coat upon customer request. Request to alter the amount of slip resistant grit after installation is not covered under the warranty and will incur a cost.

We do not warrant how level the floor will be after the coating is installed.
We repair cracks, pitting, chipping, however this is not to be considered leveling or grading of the concrete slab. You could experience pooling of water on your floor after putting on a coating if your floor was unlevel. We recommend using a squeegee to push the water out.

We do not warrant rust migrating up through the concrete causing staining on the surface.