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What Is Flake Floor?

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Are you looking for durable, attractive coatings that are easy to maintain and scratch- and stain-resistant? Flake floors may be the perfect option.

This article takes a closer look at decorative flake systems, explaining what they are, their benefits, and why they might be right for you.

What Are Flake Floors?

Flake floors are a type of flooring made of colored flakes suspended in clear resin. This mixture creates a durable coating that can enhance the strength of any concrete floor.

They come in two main types: solid and metallic flake flooring. Solid flake floors consist of a single color, while metallic flakes contain multiple colors.

You also have the option of choosing between differently-sized chips. Since the flakes are available in various colors and sizes, they are highly customizable and versatile, enabling you to attain a finish that is unique to your floor.

For instance, some flooring options contain natural mica flakes, which create beautiful, elegant finishes that resemble granite floors. You could also opt for bright decorative flakes that promise to leave your concrete floors with a modern, vibrant look.

How Do You Install Flake Floors?

Installing flake flooring is relatively simple. Unlike other flooring systems, which professionals install in blocks, sheets, or tiles, flake floors are fluid-applied coatings that form a virtually seamless surface over your concrete floor.

The first step involves cleaning and prepping the concrete surface. After, professionals apply a base coat and let it dry. Once the base coat dries, they add decorative color chips.

Finally, they apply the topcoat to protect the flakes and create your desired high-gloss finish.

While these are the general steps, the installation process will vary depending on the flooring system you wish to create.

Here are some of the different flake floors you can achieve.

Flake Double Broadcast (DB)

The flake DB is a four-layer system consisting of two layers of decorative flake broadcast. This UV-resistant flooring comes in either a satin or gloss finish. You also have the option of choosing from an extensive range of textures and color choices.

Flake Decorative Quartz Flake (DQF)

In another four-layer system, the flake DQF flooring has a layer of decorative quartz broadcast, which is topped off with a vinyl flake layer.

Flake Random Broadcast (RB)

The flake RB is a three-layer, UV-resistant, cost-effective system. Its installation involves the application of a base coat followed by a broadcast of scattered decorative vinyl flakes.

Flake Single Broadcast (SB)

This flooring system contains a broadcast of decorative vinyl flakes that cover the entire floor. Similar to the flake DB, this four-layer, UV-resistant system comes in either a gloss or satin finish and has multiple textures you can choose from.

What Are the Benefits of Flake Flooring?

Color flake floors have a lot more to offer than stunning aesthetics. Here are a few advantages you stand to enjoy when you opt to install flake flooring.

Strength and Durability

Flake flooring creates a strong barrier over concrete surfaces, resulting in greater scratch resistance and increased load-bearing capabilities.

Your surface’s enhanced strength will also do wonders for its longevity.


You can customize your flake flooring according to your floor’s functional needs. For instance, property owners can choose from the various available textures to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Others can create decorative systems that inhibit the growth of microorganisms and withstand drastic temperature changes.

Low Maintenance

Since flake floors are virtually seamless, they eliminate most creases and cracks where dust, bacteria, and mold tend to gather. As such, they are easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, due to its strength, flake flooring is durable enough to withstand harsh chemical cleaners. However, such cleaners will not be necessary.

Are Flake Floors Right for You?

Polyaspartic flake flooring promises to be an excellent option for any property owner looking for a durable, cost-effective, and attractive concrete coating. It is easy to install and maintain and can dramatically enhance the look and feel of any facility.

Quality Flake Floors in Iowa

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