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Why Can’t We Provide Ballpark Estimates for Concrete Coatings?

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We receive daily inquiries about the average cost of our product installation for homes and businesses around Greater Des Moines Iowa on our concrete coatings Facebook page.

It is common to hear:

“just give me a range” or “what is the ballpark”

We get it! Budget is a huge consideration!

If you’ve interacted with us on Facebook, you know we always politely share that we don’t give estimates, we give EXACT quotes, to the penny, on the spot that are good for one year!

Why? We believe in the in-person, on-site, professional assessment to provide you with our most fair and honest price for your project. It comes down to the specific scope of your project. Concrete is never just concrete. There are unique factors that need to be evaluated by our design consultant that have an impact on project cost.

We don’t believe in a pressure sales. Our goal at a consultation is to educate you on our amazing product, answer all your questions, and help you decide what will work best for your needs and budget! Below are the factors we evaluate in the consultation that impact the cost of your project.

Project Size

  • Surface area
  • Layout – are there unique elements to coat around?
  • Length and height of vertical surfaces
  • Size and number of stairs

We often hear I have a standard 2 car garage. Unfortunately there is no standard sizing for 2 car garages. We have measured them at anywhere from 400-650 sq ft. We need to measure the space to know for sure.

Design Options

  • Chip system
  • Grind and clear
  • Solid system
  • Custom blends
  • Logo (oh yeah, we can do that!)

If we had a one-size-fits-all approach to coating application, you’d miss out on these incredible options. Our estimators bring samples for you to see and feel opening up many possible design options for you to choose from.

Concrete Condition

  • Cracks
  • Pitting
  • Hardness
  • Moisture
  • Is there failing epoxy flooring?

There have been times where after measuring these factors we are unable to coat a floor and had to recommend a concrete re-pour, concrete jacking or moisture solutions. Without an in person consultation, we would never be able to confirm whether your concrete is a candidate for our concrete coating solutions.

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