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Why Epoxy Coatings Can Turn Yellow And How To Prevent It

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Suppose you’re a home or business owner in Iowa who isn’t happy with their current coating situation. Epoxy coatings can be incredibly volatile, and though they are popular, that coating option often is not built to last. Epoxy can turn brittle, begin to peel and crack, and even discolor, and turn yellow and warn. Your pool deck, patio, garage floor, and basement floor shouldn’t go through the tribulations of primary epoxy coating. Instead, the team with Revival Concrete Coatings can provide alternatives for all of your home-related needs. Revival Concrete Coatings can provide fresh coatings at a solid rate, with a dedicated team that will serve your needs during installation. With Revival Concrete Coatings, the team will transform your surfaces, modifying your life for the better. For the best team with the best service, contact Revival Concrete Coatings. 

Epoxy Coating and Weathering 

Epoxy concrete coatings turn yellow, creating a worn-out, tired look for your surfaces. However, your yellowing epoxy does not merit a complete redo or teardown. Instead, some practices can solve your problems. We can attend to your coating needs with the team at Revival Concrete Coatings.

Why Epoxy Turns Yellow

Epoxy coating tends to turn yellow. Yellowing is a natural practice and one that you shouldn’t stress about. UV light exposure is one of the leading causes of yellowing epoxy. However, it doesn’t take just direct sunlight to damper the color of epoxy; indirect sunlight can also be responsible for deterioration. This process is commonly known as ambering and can happen over time without people realizing it. High temperatures are also accountable for the decoloration and yellowing of epoxy. Yellowing can occur in an uncontrolled environment that doesn’t deal with the weather well. Additionally, though epoxy is water-resistant, in a high moisture environment like the midwest, epoxy can yellow over time. 

Solutions for Yellowing Epoxy

There are many solutions to yellowing epoxy. If epoxy is yellowing indoors, attempt to shut your doors more often to control the weather. Also, avoid soap-based cleaners on your epoxy coating, as they work to discolor and ultimately yellow the surface. Polyurea coating is one of the most trusted sources of fixing yellowing epoxy. Polyurea doesn’t yellow at the rate of epoxy and is resistant to attacks from UV and the atmosphere. Finally, apply a UV-resistant sealing agent to the epoxy coat to prevent further damage from the sun. 

Why Choose Revival Concrete Coatings

Revival Concrete Coatings is the best choice in Grimes, Iowa, for all your epoxy coating-related needs. Revival Concrete Coatings is the most trusted one-day coating installation company in all of Grimes. Whether it be an exterior or interior installation, from garage coatings to pool decks, our team is sure to enrich the look of your property. Revival Concrete Coatings uses the highest quality American-made products and state-of-the-art equipment to achieve each installation, ensuring a job well done. Our team of professionals is fully licensed, insured, and ready to address all of your needs while completing the job. Though our team works quickly, we won’t sacrifice our outstanding quality to fulfill our deadlines. 

For our one-day coatings, Revival offers polyurea for installations. Our polyurea coatings are handcrafted and sure to last. These installations are completed by hand with proficient craftsmanship and care. This finish protects your floors from yellowing and general decay. There is no better decision to make regarding the longevity of your surfaces than to choose polyurea from Revival Concrete Coatings. 

Additionally, once we make a promise on a deadline, we intend to keep it. Revival Concrete Coatings is a family-owned company committed to maintaining our small-business mindset of giving back to the Grimes community. Revival Concrete Coatings is consistently there to support our customers through the entire installation process. Also, with our 15-year warranty, Iowa has no better deal than Revival Concrete Coatings.

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Revival Concrete Coatings is the best choice for businesses and homeowners in Grimes, Iowa, who want to change their surfaces for the better. The team at Revival Concrete Coatings won’t levy crazy prices for our coating services. Instead, we will try to work with our customers to find a price point that won’t make you break the bank, leaving you happy with your choice to do business with us. A highly skilled team of professional workers will deal with your questions and concerns and make your home a place of satisfaction. Revival Concrete Coatings will work hard to bring your home to fruition. Call Revival Concrete Coatings at (515)-850-7192 or visit our website for your free quote today.


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